Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Some of Blake's tweets that resonated quite deeply with me;

Democracy. The flying spaghetti monster of political fundamentalism. Another zombie idea, conceived by cavemen, overruled by nature. Democracy, the demented kid brother of Kleptocracy. Both screaming abortions of the debt vortex. Democracy means government for sale.

Think about these sound, thoughtful statements in comparison to some of the utter yang we hear advocates of the concept, which is really just a collage of paradoxical insanisms, spout so charismatically. America seems hung up on "democracy." Democracy is one of the last straws this bath-salt guzzling wildebeast is clutching madly at as it slowly thunders to the ground.


My point really is, unity won't be reached through variations of coercive systems hiding behind buzzwords like "democracy", unity will be reached when Earth's inhabitants declare Earth's resources the common heritage of all its people. Politics are irrelevant when it comes to the fundamental well being of the human race. 

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