Monday, 5 November 2012

Music as a Tool Through Which to Express Interpretations of Realiy.

Inspiring bit of music, enchanting and eerie compilation of clips from Venice at Carnivale. Reminds me of the winters me and my mom would go to visit friends and my dad's tomb (on the Isola San Michele). Beecham said, 'The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought."

I brought this up with my mom yesterday, a hardcore music junky, and she expressed wonder at the irrational domain we enter when we give ourselves over to the enjoyment of it, mentioning the calculated, mathematical aspect of music.I guess it does seem a little paradoxical, at first glance, that something so precise can evoke such abandon. But it doesn't surprise me; what's likely to solicit a raw response more so than an earnest and sincerely committed expression of worship of vibration?

We are in a constant state of vibration ourselves, as organisms, vibrating with each other and our environment. Blake is the person who first introduced me to thinking about morphogenesis, a term which describes the evolution of a body structure within a taxonomic group. He suggested applying this term to the give and take nature of humanity's interaction with its environment. The give and take, influenced by our surroundings as our presence impacts them. Constant vibration in our perpetual symbiotic exchange.

Music is a tool through which express interpretations of that reality.

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